Q: I've chosen cremation. What do I need a cemetery for?
Many choose to permanently memorialize a loved one after cremation by placing their remains at Terrace Heights Memorial Park utilizing one of the many options available.

Q: What else is necessary besides a cemetery lot?
When a burial takes place the open & close of the grave as well as a grave liner are also necessary. A permanent grave marker is optional, and can be ordered at any time. These items, as well as the lot, may all be paid prior to need, guaranteeing no increase in cost.

Q: Are there really "ashes" left after a cremation?
The portion of a body that remains after a cremation is bone fragment, not "ash". The bone fragment is "processed" to reduce in size.

Q: Can more then 1 person be buried on a grave?
At Terrace Heights Memorial Park a full-size grave may be utilized for 1 traditional burial & 1 cremation burial, or 2 cremation burials. Only 1 grave marker is ever allowed on a grave, but it may contain 2 names and information.

Q: I don't need my lot anymore - what can I do with it?
You may sell it to whomever you wish, but the Deed has to be transferred through the Administrative office of the cemetery. There is a fee for this transfer.

Q: If I pay my cemetery expenses with a funeral home or insurance salesperson, isn't that the same as paying for those items with the cemetery?
When cemetery items are pre-paid directly with the cemetery, all items are guaranteed to be delivered at any future time at no additional cost. There is never any interest charged.

If you pre-pay cemetery items (lot, open&close, liner or vault, marker & vase) through a funeral home or insurance program you will likely find that a certain amount is "set aside" to hopefully cover the items you want to purchase in the future, but there may be no guarantee that the "set aside" amount will be sufficient to cover the actual cost at the time of need.

Q: What is the Park policy that covers grave decorations?
During the mowing season (March 1st - November 1st) only FRESH CUT flowers are allowed. Any other decorations will be removed and discarded when Park personnel mow through. From November 1st - March 1st you may place artificial flowers and other decorations. These items will be removed as they become unsightly or displaced by the elements.

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